Thursday, September 14, 2017

Forgot Something? We Got You Covered with Our On-Site Boutique!

The on-site boutique at Small Hope is great if you forgot anything, like toiletries, sunglasses, your hat. Or if you want to pick up some island souvenirs for friends and family back home!

It's stocked with shampoo, toothbrushes, lotion, bug spray, etc. And also goodies like hand-made Bahamas batik items from the local Androsia factory, Small Hope shirts, hoodies, koozies, an more!

And it's just steps away from our office . . .

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The End of One Great Season, Another Fantastic One Around the Corner . . .

We close our doors tomorrow for our annual closing time. We have had a fantastic year! This closing we are excited about what changes are in store - cabin renovations, new dive site moorings, not to mention our annual staff party! We will be keeping you updated!

Until October 18th . . .

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Bundle Your Adventures and Save!!!!

Andros is an ideal getaway for all adventure seekers! Whether you are interested in scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, nature tours, or learning the art of Batik - we've got it all!

And at Small Hope Bay Lodge, the more adventurous you are, the more you can save! Check out our new Specials!!!!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It's Always Shark Week at Small Hope Bay Lodge!!!

Whether you have been scuba diving for ages and love to encounter these beauties, or you're new to diving or snorkeling and want to check another thing off that bucket list - this is the spot!

Sharks get a bad reputation but are wildly misrepresented as crazed killers. All of our shark encounters see them for what they are - beautiful and graceful wild animals, just cruising around their home.

Some of our new divers and snorkelers are shocked (and pleased) to find out the sharks have little to no interest in them at all. They just come in to see who's making all those bubbles . . . Pin It Now!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Great Fishing, Tasty Sashimi!

It's always a great day when the fishermen bring something back! It's even better when we get to cook it up for the whole resort. It's the best when it's fresh tuna, there's plenty of it, and we get sashimi!!!

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Things To Do on Andros Island, Bahamas . . .

Just because we are off the beaten track doesn't mean that there isn't plenty to do! Andros is an island adventure for the lucky few who come here . . .

Here are just a few of some of our favorite island experiences:
  1. Scuba Diving - We are situated right next to the Tongue of the Ocean, a mile-deep trench. Needless to say, we got some great wall diving. But we've also got several blue hole dives, a shark dive, coral gardens, caverns, and wrecks! Excellent diving from beginners to masters!
  2. Fishing - Andros Island is considered the Bonefish Capital of the World. Miles of pristine flats and waterways make this a bonefishing dream destination. But we've also got fantastic reef and deep-sea fishing too!
  3. Nature Tours and Birding - Andros is also known as "the Big Yard" because we have miles and miles of pristine national parks and forests. We have hundreds of inland blue holes, lots of local and migratory birds, all in a gorgeous setting . . .
  4. Sampling our favorite island dishes - Every Bahamas island has their own local flare, and Andros is no different! Come sample the Chicken Souse, or the "Fire Engine" Corned Beef. How about some Stew Conch, or Guava Duff? It's all here, and it's all delicious.
  5. Listening to some Bahamian music - Nothing completes the island experience better than listening to a local Bahamian band play their favorite tunes! At Small Hope, we have a band play on our "Bahamian Nights", then we have a beach bonfire!!!!

6. Crab Fest! - June on Andros means a great party! Crab Fest brings people from all over the Bahamas, as well as other countries. The festivities include live music, games, crafts, and crab cooked over 20 different ways . . . .Mmmmm!

Come to Andros and build your own adventure . . . 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Happy World Oceans Day!

We are so fortunate to be on such lovely waters . . .

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